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Covid19 Guidance

Venue procedure to prevent the spread of covid19

Please make an appointment before you attend the venue. Make sure to arrive on time, not early or late. Please bring your own water along to keep hydrated. The venue is a home-based practice so you will be expected to take of your shoes at the entrance. Before you enter the venue, the therapist will measure your temperature. You will be able to use the bathroom facilities and wash your hands. The therapist will ask you to wash your hands and check in with the nhs test and trace app. Make sure to wear underwear. All towels are clean. All payments should be made online or by card at the venue. You will be asked to fill out and sign several forms including a client consultation form, a covid19 specific form, a waiver and a GDPR form. All data will be kept safe and for the information of the therapist only. You will be asked to take a seat on the plastic chair, you can place small items in the glass bowl provided and your clothes will be placed in a clean box for the time of your treatment. Hand sanitizer is available at the venue. The therapist will wear a disposable apron and face mask as well as a face visor. There is a 30-45 min gap between each client to ensure enough time to clean and air out the treatment area. At the end of the treatment you will be able to make payment, use the bathroom, rebook, and ask for any advice. Please respect the therapist's operating procedure as she follows government guidelines and guidance from her insurance company and the CTHA. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with any of the measures you will have the right to discontinue with the treatment. Any inappropriate, offensive, or aggressive behavior will result in the immediate end of your session and will be reported to relevant agencies



From 8 August, it will become mandatory in England for members of the public to

wear a face covering in "nail, beauty and hair salons", as well as for massage

services (see this link for more information). The Department for Business,

Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have advised that clients will also need to

wear a face covering within a private treatment context, where complementary,

beauty and sports treatments are given on a one-to-one basis, even if other

people are not present.

If clients are unable to wear a face covering, eg. for health reasons or because it

restricts their breathing when lying face down, this must be covered in the risk

assessment and other mitigation's put in place to reduce cross-infection.

Clients will also be allowed to remove their face covering for treatments involving

the area of the face, though please note that treatments on or in front of the face

(the highest risk zone) are not allowed in England until at least 15 August 2020.


Clients are required to wear face masks.


If the therapist is wearing a visor there is currently no requirement for a client to

wear a mask, however the client has to the right to chose whether to wear a mask

or not.

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