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Pilates Classes

Benefits of Pilates:
-Improved posture
-Improved flexibility
-Improved strength
-Reduced back pain
-Increased mobility
-Reduced stress
-Increased core strength
-Improved breathing efficiency
-Improved stability and balance
-Leaner muscles

Principles of Pilates:
-Concentration: promotes mind -body connection and enhances bodily awareness.
-Centering: bringing focus to the center of your body, as you focus within you bring a sense of calmness to both body and mind.
-Control: with proper body control you will utilize correct form leaving no part of your body unattended.
-Precision :executing one exercise with deliberate precision is more effective than more repetitions with a sloppy form.
-Breathing: deep, controlled, diaphragmatic breathing activates blood circulation and awakens muscle cells.
-Alignment: from head to toe the Pilates method stresses good posture
-Flow: grace, ease and fluidity are applied to all Pilates exercises
-Integration: combining all of the above achieves the goal of an integrated mind-body workout

Classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to advance making this a mixed ability session, with available modifications and adaptations. Classes are small and limited to 7-8 participants making it ideal to have more hands on sessions, leading you to learn the ideal technique and posture as you will have all of your instructors attention which is often not possible in larger groups.

Classes take place Every Monday from 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm and every Wednesday from 7pm till 8pm
at Back2Balance Physio and Pilates Clinic, 609 Forest Road, London, E17 4PP

Each session costs £10.00 for the hour or you can buy a block of 6 sessions for £54.00

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